Target Game Characteristics

With no cookies and poor demographics, mobile marketing is inefficient. Bubbleye brings in new intelligence, focusing on the substance of apps and games.

Bubbleye's API allows you to target based on:

  1. App attributes, eg. zombie, free to play, fps, cartoon graphics, swipe gestures, multiplayer...
  2. A user's history of interests in game characteristics

Bubbleye maps attributes which intrinsically define each game (and why certain users like it) looking at visuals, controls, theme, tone, pace, social factors and more. This allows you to target games based on their implicit attributes, matching app flavors with user tastes.

Powered by AI

To extract these attributes and map their mutual relationships, Bubbleye relies on a blend of proprietary and patent-pending tech:

  • big data crawling from several sources
  • natural language analysis
  • network analysis
  • pattern matching
  • machine learning

... and of course a handful of secret ingredients.

Enhanced Targeting for DSPs & Ad Networks

Bubbleye enhances targeting and maximizes campaign performance: it helps you manage your inventory and media buy in the most efficient way.

Through our APIs, DSPs, Ad Networks and Media Buyers query Bubbleye for improved targeting and select the best performing publishers as well as the best suited users.

Bubbleye drives disruptive performance uplift focusing on each individual user's interests.

Correlation Done Right

Unlike any existing solutions, Bubbleye relates apps with each other based on their whole attribute map (theme, visuals, controls, etc.) rather than relying on game genres.

Our machine learning algorithms discover correlations among attributes, beyond similarity: if you are a fan of 'multiplayer 3D zombie shooters' we will possibly recommend other zombie-themed games, or other shooters. But because we know 'zombie' and 'shooter' convert well with 'scifi' and 'strategy', we may recommend games with those attributes as well.

Don't Forget about Users

On top of direct app-to-app correlation for reciprocal attributes, Bubbleye leverages user data to establish further relationships among apps and optimize targeting.

Bubbleye aggregates user data from different sources; you may also provide any additional data for improved targeting on your own user base.

User data is handled anonymously for the sole purpose of identifying recurrent patterns in how users select and play different games.


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